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18 - 27 Years

Airport Ground Service Course

There is a vast scope for aviation management as it is witnessing new heights every day. India has the third-largest civil aviation market in the world. The Airport Management course deals with the smooth and hassle-free operation of activities on the airport. Their aspects are to ensure the gentle working of the airport, maintaining security, offering the best customer service, and organizing state-of-arts events with distinct airport agencies and airlines. As an Airport Management staff, you will worktogether as a team to serve your passengers great services and allow a long-lastingimpact. This profession requires lot of hard work, commitment, smartness and total dedication. The course is designed to cover all aspects of airport ground handling as well as grooming your personality.The Airport Management course duration is tentatively 12 months in which students will learn about the operation of the airport, personality development, and enhancement of communication skills. Student will gather all the information from the institute from the well qualified experts. The student will be groom to meet the goals of the competitive world. We trained you to handle the flights for the timely operations of the airlines and the passenger comfort at the airports round the clock, airlines are always looking for competent people who can work in a 24X7 environment keeping their calm and poise. We offers our  students at undergraduate level to train and acquire professional competence to work and perform at different levels of ground staff. A timely entry into this field ensures the chances of getting promoted to the top level quickly. After successful completion of this course, the candidates can work as professionals at airport in various domestic & international airlines.

Our Students are flying around the globe and we are confident that we can help to make your dream a reality!
98% Employment rate after completion of the course.

Who is Airport Ground Staff?

Airport ground staff are the employees who work on the ground at airports to ensure that the airport operations run smoothly. They play an essential role in ensuring that flights take off and land safely and on time.
The airport ground staff includes a wide range of professionals, such as baggage handlers, ramp agents, customer service representatives, security personnel, aircraft cleaners, air traffic controllers, and maintenance personnel.

Baggage handlers and ramp agents are responsible for loading and unloading baggage and cargo onto planes and ensuring that the planes are refueled and properly stocked. Customer service representatives assist passengers with check-in, boarding, and other inquiries. Security personnel ensure that the airport is secure and that all passengers and their luggage are screened properly.

Aircraft cleaners ensure that the planes are clean and ready for passengers, while air traffic controllers ensure that planes take off and land safely and efficiently. Maintenance personnel ensure that all airport equipment is in good working order and repair any damage or malfunctions.

Overall, the airport ground staff are critical to the smooth operation of airports and the safe and timely arrival and departure of flights

Flight Attendant benefits:

      Health Insurance

      Retirement Plans

      Employee Assistance Programs

      Tuition Assistance

      Flexible Schedules

      Training and Development Opportunities

      Employee Discounts

What are the Admission Criteria?

  • Min. 60 % marks and above
  • (Candidates having less than 60% marks can be considered after personal interview.)
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I started my journey with APCI as I was interested in this field because of its glamour and fast pace. During the course, I followed my teachers’ guidance which helped me in my job. Strength and growth come only through continuous efforts and struggle. I did everything to be a part of the aviation industry. Finally, my hard work has paid off as now I am an employee of Vistara Airlines and working as a Cabin Crew.

Sakshi Thakur
Air Asia

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